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 Stallholder Information  Saturday 14th September 2024 

Firstly we would like to  extend our gratitude to the Rimutaka Licensing Trust who each year have continued to support the festival and our community through their generous sponsorship.


We are pleased to now be taking registrations for the 2023 festival and will allocate sites on the receipt of a completed registration form along with payment.  We do our very best to accommodate all requests for sites and will confirm your allocated site no later than Friday the 26th of August. A confirmation letter along with a site map and set-up details will be posted to you. In the event we are unable to provide you with a site, we will endeavour to let you know as soon as we can. When allocating sites we take into consideration many factors including the focus of the event, alongside the `date your registration and payment was received. 

We would appreciate your registration as soon as possible as it helps immensely with our planning and preparation and the site fee is discounted for all registrations received by Friday the 25th of August 2023. Please remember to make payment at the time of your registration. The festival will proceed irrespective of the weather and no refunds are payable unless we are unable to offer you a site or the pandemic settings change.

If you wish to register for the festival please read the Stallholder Information Page then click the button below to register. You are welcome to share any photos or posts promoting your stall to our Facebook page

We look forward to seeing you all and sharing another awesome Upper Hutt Spring Festival day with you.

Stallholder Registration
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